Nvidia CEO Huang: Get Ready for Software 3.0

Nvidia’s CEO Jensen Huang said that AI is ushering in the era of Software 3.0, where creating apps will be as simple as writing queries into a universal AI translator, running a few lines of Python code, and selecting an AI model of your choice.

“That’s the reinvention of the whole stack — the processor is different, the operating system is different, the large language model is different. The way you write AI applications is different… Software 3.0, you do not have to write it at all,” Huang said at a fireside chat during the Snowflake Summit this week.

Huang talked about the emerging software landscape as the company switches gears to a software-sells-hardware strategy, a complete flip of its past hardware-sells-software strategy. Nvidia hopes to sell more software that runs only on its GPUs.
Software 3.0 applications will change the way users interact with computers, Huang said, adding that the interface will be a universal query engine “that’s super intelligent and you can get it to … respond to you.”

Users can type in prompts and context at the query engine, which goes through large language models, which may be connected to corporate databases or other data sources. ChatGPT is an early iteration of how this system will work, but Huang said this will impact every facet of computing.

The Software 3.0 concept relies on a new structure of data, algorithms, and compute engines, Huang said, adding that instead of command lines, users will be able to talk databases and “ask it all kinds of questions about what, how, when and why.”

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