Vertex AI: A Bold Leap in Google Cloud’s AI Services

With the proven reliability and scalability of Google Cloud Services, Vertex is likely to become a top choice for many development tasks.

The AI landscape in the United States is currently dominated by three heavyweights: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. They’ve been teasing their AI offerings for some time now, but Vertex is the first to step up and throw open the doors to a broader audience.

This move could set the pace for the future of cloud services. Google Cloud, known for its user-friendly interface, is a preferred choice for many users, especially when compared to AWS’s notoriously complex setup, infamous for accidental data leaks. So, it’s no wonder that many prefer to pay a premium for Google Cloud’s simplicity and security.

The shining star of Vertex AI is undoubtedly PaLM 2 (also PaLM 2 text-bison). Unlike GPT-4, which enjoys a good chat, PaLM 2 excels in data handling. It transforms text inputs into correctly formatted JSON outputs, no small talk involved. What’s more, the PaLM 2 API costs a staggering 20x less than the GPT-4 API!

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