Our World is Changing

Major societal shifts are causing entire industries to be reinvented.
arketyp partners with founders leading the change

The average company’s lifespan has now shrunk to just about a decade. Well-known brands are disappearing from main streets, and public trust in institutions is at its lowest ever.

Meanwhile, entire sectors have been transformed due to the rise of breakthrough technologies and the widespread use of the internet.

A wave of new, purpose-driven businesses, led by innovative thinkers, has entered the global market. These ventures are built on flexible, user-friendly platforms. While many have not succeeded, the ones that have, gained immense rewards.

It’s now obvious to established businesses that simply improving old methods of working isn’t sufficient. They need to completely rethink, rebuild, and innovate. But how?

We propose that collaboration is the key. Merging the large-scale operations of traditional incumbents with the digital-first, nimble approach of startups creates a powerful model in today’s market. At arketyp, our goal is to foster such collaborations.

Our mission is to assist founders of enterprise B2B ventures from across sectors refine their strategic narrative, source investment and expertise, and integrate into the broader corporate network. We also aid corporate leaders and ventures by connecting them with a vibrant network of innovative startups, expediting the change they aim for.