Apple Patent Suggests Xcode Will Use Machine Learning to Expedite Development

Apple has long championed the idea that coding should be accessible to everyone and the company is making significant strides in leveraging machine learning to expedite app development.

While the focus has largely been on their proprietary ML models rather than adopting existing solutions like ChatGPT, a newly-granted patent suggests that Apple is actively exploring the integration of ML into its software development system, particularly within Xcode.

The patent, titled ‘Integration of Learning Models Into a Software Development System,’ aims to remove barriers to coding by harnessing ML to enhance auto-completion, syntax checking, and potentially even code generation.

By utilising ML models, developers would benefit from improved productivity features, such as real-time syntax checking while typing, intelligent auto-completion, and the ability to detect name or type errors in parameter lists.

Apple emphasises that this approach is language-agnostic, supporting popular programming languages like Swift, Objective C, C++, Python, and Java. In essence, developers can leverage Apple’s ML system regardless of their preferred language, just as they can currently use ChatGPT to generate code in various programming languages.

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