Threads Won’t Be Fun — But It Will Give Brands a Refuge From Twitter

Everyone is on Instagram and everyone will probably wind up on Threads too, whether they enjoy it or not will be beside the point.

When Elon Musk went well out of his way to fumble Twitter (imagine what a different place we’d be in if he simple bought it and left it alone!), he made a massive opening for any platform that could offer corporations and celebrities a safe landing place. Musk’s Twitter is not only unsafe for brands, it often barely works at all, plagued by bugs and its owner’s own erratic button mashing. Twitter’s near future is far from certain; it’s hard to imagine the app even existing in a year. If you’re a brand, a politician or a celebrity, isn’t it probably time to call it?

An ascendant Twitter alternative seeking to capitalize on this chaos in order to lure ad dollars and brands doesn’t need to offer anything special or innovative — good news for Meta. The brands just need a Twitter-like experience stocked with users that they can point their delirious social media managers to. Their champion has arrived.

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