Retro: A Longevity Biotech Triple-Threat?

A serial entrepreneur and investor, Betts-LaCroix founded Retro in 2021 to develop cellular reprogramming, autophagy and plasma-inspired therapeutics, with the goal of increasing healthy human lifespan by 10 years.

A former Harvard, MIT and Caltech scientist, Betts-LaCroix was the founder of OQO, which created the world’s smallest Windows computer and was ultimately sold to Google. Since then, his focus has been largely on health-related ventures and investments, including founding research automation company Vium, which was sold to Recursion Pharma in 2020. So, what is it about longevity that makes Betts-LaCroix tick as both a founder and an investor?

“Most investors are looking for the shortest path between dollars and dollars prime, and the least amount of risk,” he says. “And it’s a quite rational strategy to invest in things that they understand. It’s a lot easier for someone to invest a large amount of money into Coca Cola, say, because they understand the business model, they’ve seen the development over the last numerous decades of how it unfolds, and what dividends it pays.”

But this is also why Betts-LaCroix feels comfortable investing in the longevity field.

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