Influencers Are Realizing That A.I. Might Not Be a Magic Money-Making Machine For Artists After All

The curious odyssey of drop-shipping entrepreneur Patryk Marketer.

For the last few months, I have been following the adventures of a drop-shipping entrepreneur who goes by the name of “Patryk Marketer.” A video by Marketer first popped into my feed in early April, featuring his claim that he had a surefire system to generate a passive income stream from A.I.-generated art.

In that first viral video I saw by Marketer, which gained half a million views, he was brimming with excitement about the money-spinning potential of A.I. All you had to do, Marketer explained, was get a site like Midjourney to dream up some cool images for you. Then, you upload them to Etsy and let the money roll in as online art-buyers discover your creations.

“I think that the biggest pro is that there is unlimited potential,” Marketer told his viewers. “The more images you make and post on Etsy, the more money you can make… Profit margins on these items are relatively high.” Best of all, in his view, was that the income stream is “completely passive. You build something, you upload it to the Etsy server, and you don’t have to do anything at all.”

Marketer followed up with a seminar called “How To Sell AI Art On Etsy A To Z Blueprint 2023.” This hour-plus video has been watched another 200,000 times, making him a modest thought-leader for people looking to make a career in the brave new post-human online art world.

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