How to Use AI to Do Stuff: An Opinionated Guide

Ethan Mollick provides an opinionated guide, focused on how to pick the right AI tool to do things.

Not a single AI lab seems to provide any user documentation. Instead, the only user guides out there appear to be Twitter influencer threads. Documentation-by-rumor is a weird choice for organizations claiming to be concerned about proper use of their technologies, but here we are.

Thanks to rapid advances in technology, these are likely the worst AI tools you will ever use, as the past few months of development have shown. I have no doubt I will need to make a new guide soon. But remember two key points that remain true about AI:

1) AI is a tool. It is not always the right tool. Consider carefully whether, given its weaknesses, it is right for the purpose to which you are planning to apply it.

2) There are many ethical concerns you need to be aware of. AI can be used to infringe on copyright, or to cheat, or to steal the work of others, or to manipulate. And how a particular AI model is built and who benefits from its use are often complex issues, and not particularly clear at this stage. Ultimately, you are responsible for using these tools in an ethical manner.

We are in the early days of a very rapidly advancing revolution

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