How we work with founders

We want to make fundraising as transparent as possible for tech entrepreneurs around the world. Below are answers to some of the most common questions we get asked.

When should I consider refreshing my company’s strategic narrative?

We normally recommend just after you’ve raised a funding round or if you’re looking to raise within the next 12+ months.

As a strategic narrative delves deep into your company and captures your heritage, your current momentum, and your future trajectory it can take time to unpack and refresh.

What do you look for?

We are sector and business model agnostic, but mostly stay focused on ventures operating in B2B, preferably enterprise.

We have experience across SaaS, Marketplace, Transactional, Subscription, Pay As You Go/Usage-Based and Hardware.

What does the process look like?

We work with founders on a monthly retainer anywhere from 2-12 months depending on the needs of their venture. They are typically in the Seed, Series A or Series B phase of their journey, but we do make exceptions.

We prepare detailed working sessions with the founding team and then host one-to-ones with key stakeholders including the leadership team, key customer accounts and previous investors around this cadence.

When crafting your investor narrative our team support you build your financial model and analysing your customer metrics, or work closely with your CFO on the process.

We are advocates of running a parallel funding round so as part of any engagement we will help you define a winning funding round strategy.

How do we partner?

We commit to only a handful of partnerships each year and look for founders who want to define categories and create entirely new markets.

We take pride in being actively engaged throughout and bring decades of venture-building and fundraising experience to the table to help founders achieve their goals.

Who should I reach out to?

Drop us a note at [email protected] with any existing collateral that explains who you are and what you’re building and assuming we feel we can help we’ll schedule an initial call to discuss your goals and aspirations.