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Trying to close a Series B in 2023? Read this first

Originally published on TechCrunch and written by @itsmarkchaffey on 03/07/2023. Despite ongoing economic uncertainty, there will always be a path forward for determined founders with strong ideas and smart investors with an eye for opportunity. […]

The optimists case for AI

Originally published on October 2023 and written by John White 42% of CEOs say artificial intelligence could destroy humanity in the next five to 10 years. Elon believes that “there should be a regulatory body […]

arketyp backs mentor marketplace SwattUp

We first met Freddie Tilbrook when he was building a complex three-sided marketplace product that aimed to streamline the decarbonisation and energy efficiency of properties across the UK (long before Net Zero had entered the […]

Bootstrapping in the age of AI agents

Originally published on November 2023 and written by John White. The plethora of platforms available to an entrepreneur today is staggering. There’s something to help manage every single aspect of their company. From accounting and […]

Tech hype cycles are ramping up

Originally published on August 2023 and written by John White. The summer has been busy for tech hype cycles. At the beginning of the month, the superconductivity of a new compound called LK-99 was creating […]

The Splinternet & our global village

Originally published on March 2022 and written by John White. Whilst the horrific scenes in Ukraine are disseminated across our screens, there’s another war brewing, viscerally debated amongst technologists, tech investors and geopolitical commentators – […]

Welcome to Software 3.0

Originally published on July 2023 and written by John White. The way we write software is changing… In fact, soon you won’t have to write it all. At least, that’s the view of Nvidia’s CEO […]

Solarpunk near-futures & the rise of fusion

Originally published on August 2022 and written by John White As yet another record-shattering hot summer rages unabated across the Northern Hemisphere this year, it’s hard to find anyone who denies our global climate is […]

Enterprise AI: A paradigm shift

Sergey Brin’s proclamation, “The new spring in AI is the most significant development in computing in my lifetime,” is more than just a prediction — it’s a testament to our times. Today, the ripples of […]