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A Game of Quantum Mirrors

Expecting objects to have their own independent existence—independent of us, and any other objects — is actually a deep-seated assumption we make about the world. During the scientific revolution, the English physics pioneer Isaac Newton […]

Wildlife Photographer of the Year

The competition, which is in its 57th year, awards 19 categories of wildlife photography, including behaviour, photojournalism, and portraiture. This year, the competition received 50,000 entries from photographers around the world. Judges looked for innovation, […]

Robot Dogs Now Have Assault Rifles

Robot dogs have been met with equal parts fascination and fear by the public, but their utility for military applications is becoming undeniable. Ghost Robotics and SWORD International have teamed up to create a rifle-toting […]

The Next Generation Organisation

What are the minimum of next generation behaviours that modern firms should be either exhibiting or striving for? Throughout history, the industrialization of technology has led to new practices and behaviours within organizations. What matters […]

The Intersection

Set in the near future, the film “the Intersection” journeys from a violent present to a cooperative future. Telling stories of active hope from those who have fought to reimagine extractive technology, to serve community, […]

What if Central Banks issued Digital Currency?

What would happen if central banks started to issue digital currency directly? An idea that China and other countries are currently exploring. The impetus for more radical change is coming from China, whose central bank […]

The Death and Birth of Technological Revolutions

What was especially remarkable about Carlota Perez’s Technological Revolutions and Financial Capital was its timing: 2002 was the middle of the cold winter that followed the Dotcom Bubble, and here was Perez arguing that the […]

China marches on towards 4th Industrial Revolution

Pundit predictions of China’s demise are the latest self-consoling illusions of a lazy elite who can’t see the AI writing on the wall. A generation from now, the Chinese won’t remember the misery of Ant […]

The UK’s Startup Founders are Way Too Posh

Coming from money makes it easier to make money, but a lack of financial diversity among founders could be holding back British tech. “We’re looking for whatever correlates with success — it’s not obvious to […]

Facebook to Launch Digital Wallet Novi

Novi was formerly known as Calibra and the Diem digital currency was initially called Libra. Novi is a digital wallet that will be linked to the Diem payment system to store and transact using digital […]

Epic Games Blueprint to Fix the Internet

Epic CEO Tim Sweeney and other executives detail their plan for the metaverse and how it differs from Facebook’s vision. The simplest way to define the metaverse is as an evolution of how users interact […]

China Becomes a Laboratory for the Regulation of Tech

The Chinese Communist Party is reminding internet billionaires who is boss. Kendra Schaefer of Trivium, a consultancy in Beijing, has written that the publication of these new algorithm regulations marks the moment when Chinese tech […]

Chinese Regulators are Serious about Crypto Ban

On Sept. 24 Chinese authorities said Crypto transactions in China are banned and they will root out mining of digital assets. “While this is not a surprise as China has ‘banned’ crypto many times in […]

The FDA Should Regulate Instagram’s Algorithm as a Drug

The Wall Street Journal on Tuesday reported Silicon Valley’s worst-kept secret: Instagram harms teens’ mental health; in fact, its impact is so negative that it introduces suicidal thoughts. Thirty-two percent of teen girls who feel […]

The Facebook Files

Time and again, documents show, Facebook’s researchers have identified the platform’s ill effects. Time and again, despite congressional hearings, its own pledges and numerous media exposés, the company didn’t fix them. Facebook made a heralded […]

All Possible Views about Humanity’s Future are Wild

Holden Karnofsky argues that it’s “wild” to think we’re assured of never spreading throughout the galaxy, but also that it’s “wild” to think that we have a decent chance of spreading throughout the galaxy. In […]

China Plans ‘Ultra-Large Spacecraft’ Spanning Miles

The National Natural Science Foundation of China has called on scientists to join a five-year project to study the mechanics of an “ultra-large spacecraft spanning kilometres”. “[Such a spacecraft] is a major strategic aerospace equipment […]

South Africa Grants a Patent to an AI system

Much to the surprise of the global community, South Africa’s patent office granted a patent to an AI, recognising DABUS as an inventor. At first glance, a recently granted South African patent relating to a […]

Why I’m a Proud Solutionist

History teaches us how to be brutally honest about a problem and yet optimistic for a technological solution. Debates about technology and progress are often framed in terms of “optimism” vs. “pessimism.” For instance, Steven […]

The Problem With Media

The problem with journalism is the ongoing economic instability, not blue checks with melding opinions. The two, though, can bleed into one another. When the news industry becomes populated by highly-educated people who live in […]

What’s Next for Lab-Grown Human Embryos?

Researchers are now permitted to grow human embryos in the lab for longer than 14 days. Here’s what they could learn. In May, the International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) released new guidelines1 that […]

The Wizard and the Prophet

How to save humanity? Opposing grand approaches emerged from two remarkable scientists in the mid-20th century who fought each other their entire lives. Their solutions were so persuasive that their impassioned argument continues 70 years […]

Finding Virtue in the Virtual

One of humanity’s most important undertakings when it comes to technology is to resist and reject its ill-considered implementations. From facial recognition systems to the normalisation of ubiquitous surveillance, from autonomous weapons to weaponised social […]