You Can’t Afford a House, But You Can Probably Afford Nada

Nada is an account with a debit card that lets users invest in, earn, save and spend real estate as an asset.

Rents are going up in cities across the U.S., but the national homeownership rate has been steadily declining as prospective buyers grapple with low supply, weakening purchasing power and record-high costs. What if there was a way to invest in a city’s home equity market you think is growing even if you can’t afford to buy a property there?

That’s the idea behind Nada, a Dallas-based fintech platform whose goal is to widen access to real estate wealth. The company offers index-like real estate investment products called “Cityfunds” that allows anyone, including non-accredited investors, to buy into a city’s home equity market with a minimum of $250 dollars, CEO and co-founder John Green told TechCrunch.

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