Yahoo! Gets a New Logo

To everyone’s surprise, Yahoo! has introduced a new identity designed by New York based Pentagram partner Michael Bierut

The last time we talked about the Yahoo! logo was in the distant past of 2013, when they decided it would be “fun” to release a new logo a day, for 29 days, before revealing the new (old) logo on day 30. Not only was the build-up lame but the climax was far from climactic in part because the logo wasn’t a complete train wreck, which would have at least given us all a release for the pent up frustration. At the time I called it “fine” and six years later I still consider it to be fine — I think it managed to keep some of the quirkiness of the original with the bigger “O” leading up to the exclamation point. Looking at it now with the accrued wisdom, LOL, of six more years of reviewing logos I actually feel like it was a pretty good solution and if the “YA” pair could have been solved better it would have been a great logo. But it’s too late for that and here we are, facing yet another geometric sans serif logo in lowercase.

The new logo is perfectly, absolutely fine. The new logo is also perfectly, absolutely indistinguishable from a hundred other logos to come out in the last two, three years. Even the exclamation point, at its vertiginous 22.5-degree-angle, passes unnoticed, blending in with the rest of the nice, round, amiable letters every company has grown complacent with as a solution to a new logo. Which is kind of sad for the exclamation point because I do like how its angle matches that of the “y” and it’s a valiant effort to capitalize on the two strengths of the name but its delivery is so unexciting that it’s hard to appreciate.

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