Will NFTs Revolutionize the Design Industry?

As the design industry continues to chart a course toward automated production and an acceleration of the service economy, the rewards of exploring a Token Future for design labor outweigh the risks.

As we know them today, NFTs exist in a world far removed from everyday reality—belonging to an intangible fantasy land pioneered by connoisseurs of computer games and digital art. But the value placed on these digital objects, and the tokens associated, is as real as a coin in your pocket.

Where does design come into the NFT picture? A fundamental value of design is its ingenuity in reimagining a better future. Designs can be abstracted or copied, but the ingenuity lies in the process. The labor in design—the thinking, testing, and problem solving—is what clients are ultimately buying. The building or interior is the product of that process.

“Tokenizing” design labor would give clients the opportunity to bid for the time of a designer or firm. By placing a higher value on time, this Token Future would create six compelling outcomes.

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