Why Starlink is So Cheap for SpaceX To Do

Starlink is a global ISP built at ZERO COST to SpaceX, enabling NASA’s Artemis launch.

There is lots of good news lately for SpaceX, especially NASA choosing the Hawthorne, CA-based company to build a $2.89 billion lunar lander for NASA’s Artemis Moon landing slated for 2024. Key to that single-source contract, which eliminates two competitors including Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin, was SpaceX’s willingness to restructure payments to fit the $750 million appropriated by Congress this fiscal year for the project.

Already the lowest Artemis bidder, Elon Musk’s company was willing to make the deal work for the customer, which is unusual thinking for space contractors, with many asking, Where did SpaceX get the money?

They got the money from your phone bill.

This Artemis win for SpaceX is just part of a bigger story that’s emerging about a company that is steadily crushing its competitors by building a hyper-efficient space ecosystem where the other guys are just building rockets.

SpaceX’s Starlink has already won the global ISP war. You are forgiven if you didn’t know that and forgiven, too, if you didn’t even know there was such a war. But there is one, and Starlink has already won it at a net cost of ZERO dollars.

In fact, SpaceX, which owns Starlink, has won at a negative cost, which means they are making a profit building what for any other company would have been a cost measured in billions of dollars — dollars that can now be diverted to projects like financing NASA’s Artemis lunar program.

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