Why Hyperloop Hasn’t Hit 700 MPH

The vacuum-sealed pod transit system, first outlined by Elon Musk in 2013, promises to transport passengers and cargo at speeds around the 700 mph. Six years later, and it turns out hyperloop is harder than it seems

Munich-based TUM Hyperloop, which holds the public speed record, only reached 288 mph earlier this month. That record was set in a tube measuring six feet in diameter, nowhere near large enough for human passengers.

Toni Jukic, the TUM Hyperloop manager, tells Inverse his team remains positive they can go faster.

“This year our target speed was 600km/h [373 mph] which we unfortunately didn’t reach due to technical difficulties,” Jukic says. “Without promising, anything I want to let you know that we are always very ambitious and it would be a pity to end the project ‘unfinished.’ We will announce soon whether we will compete next year again.”

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