Whose Data? Our Data!

The first episode of the ourVoices podcast discusses big tech and data ownership, and examine exciting initiatives from around the world that place data back into the hands of the collective – not the private few

Aaron White
We are living in an age of unprecedented concentrations of wealth, knowledge and power. Whereas the 20th century saw a shift from industrialization to financialization, the market giants of the 21st century are the tech companies of Silicon Valley.

In 2018 Apple became the world’s first trillion dollar company. They have now been joined by Amazon and Microsoft. Everyday 1.5 billion of us scroll through Facebook and we make 3.5 billion searches on Google. One third of our annual online retail spending in the US now goes to Amazon.

From liking photos on Instagram, ordering rides on Uber, or streaming films on Prime – these companies have seamlessly integrated interactive technology into the fabric of our intimate everyday lives.

These platforms define the modern experience.

What is the logic driving these companies, and why does this matter? Why is data so valuable? What policies are on the table to address the rise of big tech? And how do we go beyond to build progressive, radical and democratic alternatives?

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