Where Will SpaceX Build its Spaceports?

On Tuesday, Elon Musk shed a little more light on how SpaceX spaceports would work in practice

Musk explained that the spaceports would likely be placed around 20 miles offshore away from cities such as London and New York. This would be necessary, he wrote, to maintain “acceptable noise levels, especially for frequent daily flights.”

The company is currently developing the Starship, a fully-reusable stainless steel rocket designed to transport up to 100 people at once to Mars and beyond. The rocket is also expected to enable trips around the Earth at hyperfast speed, cutting down the eight-hour flight from London to New York down to a 30-minute rocket jump. The rocket would see around 1,000 people strapped in and traveling at Mach 25 speeds, all with a ticket that costs a bit more than an economy class flight.

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