Where will narrative games go next?

“I’d like to see what a game looks like if it was really built for a global culture,” says Stohl. “I do believe that the next Harry Potter will come from games – there’s a global captive audience … What does a hero look like in India? Or China? What are the truly important narratives?

The narrative designers behind Witcher 3, Alien Isolation and Destiny chat about bodies, comics and the future of video game story-telling

“I can image a day when it’s not a matter of ‘if you go into room 74 and open the bottom drawer you will find the scroll that will tell you the secret history of the princess’,” says Nik Abnett. “Instead, you will have an intelligent game that will decide when the best moment is for that particular player to have another character stand beside them and whisper something related to the lore. The game engine will develop a sense of dramatic control, so, despite the variables of how fast or slow or differently people play it, at the appropriate moments these things happen organically.”

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