What’s The Future Of Gaming?

Two of the U.K.’s leading gaming professors – Dr Jethro Shell and Dr Edward Powley – are giving us an exclusive insight into what we can expect next from the industry.

Both doctors believe that mixed reality will be the big winner, with future games “combining virtual and augmented reality technology”, expanding on the proven popularity, technology and obvious accessibility of games such as Pokémon Go.

Dr Powley notes that in its current form, VR goes against the social desires people often crave. “Not only is the hardware quite expensive and specialized, but it involves strapping something to your face that blocks out the real world, which is unappealing to many people,” he says. “I think augmented reality (AR) has a lot of potential, especially as it’s much more accessible and blends real and virtual worlds, reaching wide audiences with new social experiences.”

Dr Shell agrees: “We haven’t really passed VR 1.0 yet; untethered usage is either unreliable or extremely expensive. We’re moving towards version 2.0 with eye tracking, larger fields of view, higher resolutions, better audio, and six degrees of freedom, but these areas still need to be investigated further.”

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