What Quantum Computing Can Do for The World

The race for quantum supremacy heated up in June, when Honeywell brought to market the “world’s highest performing quantum computer.”

“The beauty of quantum computing,” says Tony Uttley, President of Honeywell Quantum Solutions, “is that once you reach a certain level of accuracy, every time you add a qbit [the basic unit of quantum information] you double the computational capacity. So as the quantum computer scales exponentially, you can scale your problem set exponentially.”

Uttley sees three distinct eras in the evolution of quantum computing. Today, we are in the emergent era—”you can start to prove what kind of things work, what kind of algorithms show the most promise.” For example, the Future Lab for Applied Research and Engineering (FLARE) group of JPMorgan Chase published a paper in June summarizing the results of running on the Honeywell quantum computer complex mathematical calculations used in financial trading applications.

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