What Futurists Expect to See in the Future

BuzzFeed connected with some of the world’s leading futurists and asked them to forecast what the years to come might bring.

Synthetic biology — a new engineering approach to biology that lets us redesign cells — will revolutionize the future by allowing us to create things in laboratories that don’t exist in nature.
“Forget the ages of hardware and software. The next decades will bring the time of wetware, i.e. biology in its sophisticated form.

Synthetic biology allows us to create organisms or biological systems in a laboratory that do not exist in nature. This is done with the help of predetermined DNA sequences called BioBricks. With the help of synthetic biology, we could try to solve big global problems like diseases, climate change, and hunger.

You’ll see a lot more of augmented reality and spatial computing (which could potentially allow you to do things like have a conversation with your friend in their room even though it’s thousands of miles away from where you physically are).

“Augmented reality and spatial computing will begin to overtake virtual reality, mainly driven by ubiquitous form factors like the mobile phone. AR glasses will still remain a niche tech toy as a result of further privacy violations and concerns.

The metaverse (not virtual reality) will kick off a movement and resurgence in creating living, breathing worlds for people to take part in, partly driven by the successes of Unreal Engine and Fortnite, and creator platforms like Roblox, but also fueled by the current pandemic and alleviating lockdown.”

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