What Can I Be Hopeful About in the 2020s?

It’s difficult to avoid pessimism in a lethargic, shell-shocked, post-pandemic world. So I turned to the experts.

We’re only at the beginning of a strange and demanding decade. Should we—can we—be hopeful? Here’s what they said.

Adam Curtis, Documentary Filmmaker
We are passive. We’ve given up on the idea that human beings can change the world, when it’s quite obvious that the world we’ve got around us was created by human beings, both good and bad, and that means we can do it. The metaphor for our times is adopting the brace position, going through turbulence, you’re absolutely terrified, you don’t dare look out the window because you’ll see the wing going up and down. You just feel completely helpless. But we do have agency—we can change things.

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