We’re Not Designing for Screens

It’s good to occasionally be reminded that the real world doesn’t exist behind a screen

As a digital product designer, I spend most of my time looking at and creating things for screens. Even if you’re not a designer, odds are you spend much of your time doing the same.

When I inevitably look-up from my screen I’m reminded that everything which exists behind it does so only to serve everything outside of it.

Every app, every website, even the tweets we send and the Instagram posts we make, serve some purpose in the real world. They make our commute a little bit easier (or harder), our relationships stronger (or weaker), or our minds a little more open (or closed). Our work inside the screens affords actions outside it. Digital work unlocks real-world emotions, in-person communication, even possibilities previously unavailable to some.

This is in no way a novel concept. And yet…

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