WannaCry Attack Could Have Triggered NATO Reaction

During a panel discussion about military computer security, Major General Juergen Setzer, admitted that NATO’s secretary-general had floated the idea of a military response to the software nasty

The German army officer said this supported the idea that military thresholds for responding to hacking attacks should be deliberately vague, adding that just because someone hacks you doesn’t restrict you to only hacking them as a response.

He said: “If we are talking about this special domain [of cyberspace], then if you go with military means, as an answer, the threshold doesn’t mean you have to answer in the same domain. It’s the risk of the opponent, what is your answer if you decide [an attack on a computer network] is above the threshold?”

The wider discussion focused on military cybersecurity challenges. Major General Rafael Garcia Hernandez, chief of Spain’s cyber defence command, said that his soldiers were meeting their French counterparts to learn from each other. He added the meeting was “not just the commanders. No, no, the technical people too… we are quickly learning what cooperation means.”

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