Voice-Enabled Technology is Changing the IoT

COVID-19 has created a dire need for touchless control systems that are operated by voice commands alone.

Ally Bank and Bank of America already leverage digital conversational agents to engage customers. This can be anything from providing account balances, track spending, and access FAQs.

According to a recent study, more users are now comfortable using their voice to purchase low-priced products. As they grow more comfortable, the future could see the rise of voice-recognition systems in ATMs to make the whole transaction contactless.

Voice-activated smart devices are changing how we work. According to Gartner, as much as 25% of all digital workers will leverage voice-enabled virtual employee assistants daily by 2021. This suggests that these interactions are destined to be far superior to our current interactions with Alexa and Siri.

At present voice-enabled digital assistants help employees boost efficiency and productivity. This can be anything from taking on time-consuming (and sometimes trivial) tasks like scheduling meetings, interviews, setting up reminders, and taking notes at meetings.

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