User Inyerface Design

Design firm Bagaar has created a hilariously and deliberately difficult-to-use website created to show just how much we rely on past habits and design conventions to interact with the Web

The resulting website is a gauntlet of nearly impossible-to-parse interactions that are as funny as they are infuriating. In one case, the colors for the male and female selection options in a personal info form are reversed compared to expectations: the white-backgrounded one is the selection, while the blue-highlighted one is the one you’re not picking—and there’s no non-binary option, either, of course.

In another example, clicking to minimize a pop-up causes it to slowly—painfully—drop one pixel at a time out of view in a motion that Ars Technica’s own Lee Hutchinson called “majestic… it’s like a submarine slowly descending to the depths.” (He’s not making a compliment, really.) And as for the CAPTCHA, well, those are always a bit of a pain, but this one is a Dark Souls boss in UX form.

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