US Prosecutors Accuse Chinese Military of Equifax Hack

On Monday, the Department of Justice announced the indictment of four members of China’s military in connection with the 2017 hack of credit reporting agency Equifax, which exposed sensitive information for some 150 million Americans in 2017

According to the indictment, the group hacked into Equifax’s systems in Alpharetta, Georgia, starting in May 2017, exploiting a vulnerability in the Apache Struts framework used by Equifax. The massive breach exposed names, Social Security numbers, birthdates, addresses, and, in some cases, driver’s license numbers, with credit card numbers for more than 200,000 people and other personally identifying information for approximately 182,000 people also compromised.

“The scale of the theft was staggering,” Attorney General William Barr said in a press conference. “The deliberate, indiscriminate theft of vast amounts of sensitive personal data of civilians, as occurred here, cannot be countenanced.”

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