Urban Air Mobility Solutions

Government Europa speaks to Dr. Vassilis Agouridas of Airbus and EIP-SCC Urban Air Mobility initiative leader, on the topic of flying cars, drones and utilising the third dimension

European cities are seeing ever more challenges to mobility in urban areas and therefore enabling efficient and effective mobility is at the top of the European transport agenda. Throughout Europe, cities and regions are preparing to welcome the take-off of flying vehicles and drones in their pursuit to become smarter and more sustainable. The European Commission is supporting the development of urban air mobility demonstrators through the Urban Air Mobility (UAM) Initiative of the European Innovation Partnership in Smart Cities and Communities (EIP-SCC). These mobility demonstrators, which are shaped and led around city-led consortia, aim to ultimately deliver scalable and replicable civic services by capitalising on the benefits from adding the third dimension to urban mobility.

The European Parliament also recently backed legislation on ensuring the safe use of drones in the European Union. The space above our heads is the only uncongested area of our cities and this is one of the driving factors for which drones are being considered to transport goods and even provide a means of travel. Many cities and regions have now started innovating with urban air mobility to increase, for example, citizen safety through emergency response, while putting in place the fundamental pillars to improve, in the near future, their intermodal transport ecosystem.

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