Understanding Dataism

From Darwinism to Dataism: Is Everything Made out of Algorithms?

“If you experience something — record it. If you record something — upload it. If you upload something — share it” — this phrase best explains dataism, the new 21st-century religion focused mainly on the rapid development of technology, Internet obsession, and general data-worship.

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, Big Data.. these things and more are so powerful and new for the majority of us that we start to fear what kind of dangerous transformations it may bring. Science fiction, however, is quickly becoming science fact — the future is the machine. But, isn’t it too early for assuming something like that and declare technology will destroy humanity?

The truth is, right now Dataism is far away from being a pure religion in its meaning, or scientific concept grounding on true laws. It is rather a complex of fear and a vision that AI and other stuff are nothing more than just manipulation and threat. Weird comparison, but just like capitalism, Dataism too began as a neutral scientific theory but is now mutating into a religion that claims to determine right and wrong.

So, to believe in Dataism or not? Let’s make a little investigation on this.

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