UK to Try Regulating Self-Driving Car Systems

The idea is to get ahead of future technology that could start rolling out as soon as next year.

The UK’s Department for Transportation said Tuesday it plans new regulations in preparation for “automated lane-keeping-assist systems.” These kinds of systems could potentially let a car control all necessary functions at lower speeds, even in the city. It’s probably a matter of when this kind of technology is available, and when it does hit the road, the UK hopes to have comprehensive regulations in place and seeks input from relevant industries.

The current proposal would allow this kind of automated system to operate at speeds up to 70 mph on roads in the country. This follows regulations passed by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe this past June, which allows this kind of technology to operate at speeds up to 37 mph.

Perhaps more crucially, the future legislation in the UK will look to either define cars featuring automated lane-keeping assist as autonomous or not.

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