UBI: An Option for Europe?

European countries are debating the idea of a basic income, and a citizens’ initiative has now called on the European Commission to present a proposal for UBI throughout the bloc.

The idea is to reduce regional differences, while strengthening economic and social cohesion across the continent. If the initiative manages to find at least 1 million EU voters who are willing to sign it by September 25, 2021, from at least seven different EU member states, the Commission will consider the idea.

At the moment, though, such a task appears to be an uphill struggle. Just over 75,000 EU citizens had signed up by the end of November, two months after the initiative was launched. But despite the slow start, the activists have already reached a milestone in Slovenia, which has become the first country to pass its country threshold of 5,640 signatures. Ronald Blaschke, coordinator of the campaign in Germany, gave credit to “a young, dynamic group [that] managed to reach a lot of youth on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.”

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