Transhuman Photography

Swiss photographer Matthieu Gafsou, who has a degree in philosophy from the University of Lausanne and is a member of the MAPS art collective, has spent the past four years traveling the world, shooting prominent transhumanist activists and their work for his series “H+.”.

Gafsou also visited a laboratory where Professeur Courtine is implanting electrodes into the spines of paralyzed rats to help them walk again.

Not all transhumanist technologies require self-surgery. “The smartphone is a perfect example of our fusion with technology,” Gafsou says. “It’s always near our body, it’s almost impossible to live or work without, and it gives us new abilities like being able to find out almost anything very easily.” Of course, Gafsou adds, there’s an inevitable tradeoff. “The smartphone has also stolen something from us—our memory, our ability to orient ourselves in space in cities.”

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