Towards a Digital Pluriverse

A manifesto against the metaverse and toward a “pluriverse” of “open digital spaces of collective autonomy and shared ownership”.

We gather to build these alternatives, to challenge the monoverse, and reach towards brighter technological futures:

Futures where we move past tired promises of “freedom from” — from established institutions, from regulation, from responsibility — and towards the shared capacity for building “freedom to” — to create, to learn, to struggle, to strengthen collective institutions, to ensure shared security.

Futures of polycentrism, beyond either atomized decentralization or top-down centralization, where collective self-determination is protected through overlapping rights and responsibilities, abundant digital public infrastructure, and mechanisms for accountable governance.

Futures of plurality, where choice is meaningful because difference and divergence are possible.

Futures of regenerative scale and shared growth, that combat monoculture through a stronger, broader, and more rooted ecology of adaptation and co-evolution.

Together, we can steward these new futures; we invite you to dream, collaborate, and strategize towards a different world. We propose to gather these worlds around a different banner: the pluriverse, a world in which many worlds fit.

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