To Work for Everyone, The Metaverse Must Be Decentralized

By now, we should have learned the lesson that monopolies, as well as oligopolies, work only for the one actor holding the reins while smothering innovation and denting the user experience.

Future Metaverse dwellers need VR and AR solutions to go in and new platforms and protocols must emerge to bring the disjointed Metaverse shards together into one seamless experience. And, I am pretty certain that unless we want the Metaverse to be as bottlenecked and surveillance-ridden as today’s internet, the Metaverse must live and breathe decentralization.

The blockchain is, first and foremost, a database. Databases are not necessarily interesting in themselves, but what is interesting is what you can build around them. Ethereum is the best example of that, fundamentally working for a sprawling ecosystem that incorporates gaming, finance, digital art and many other spheres. There is no central authority, the governance is community-driven and there is no surveillance either — in the sense that a crypto wallet is anonymous even though the transactions are auditable on the blockchain.

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