This Flying ATV Might Bring Farming Into a Cyberpunk Future

Mick Kowitz, the CEO and founder of RYSE Aero Technologies, wants to put eVTOL aircraft into the hands farmers and ranchers.

“We tend to think of farmers and put them in the bucket of hillbillies, but I picked them for the exact opposite,” Kowitz said. “They’re actually the most innovative users in the world. They’re the first to use fully autonomous equipment in the market like tractors that run on GPS for the last 20 years. Nobody was doing that. Tesla’s only had autopilot in their cars for eight years.

“Then there’s tracking fields and soil, doing high-definition imaging and topography analysis—farming’s very sophisticated science,” he added. “These guys are used to using high tech before everyone else.”

That’s why Kowitz believes that farmers, ranchers, and other folks in rural communities can largely benefit from a machine like the RECON. These are people who own hundreds if not thousands of acres of land, farms and fields that need to be regularly maintained and analyzed. If there are animals grazing on it, a farmer might need to be able to get out there quickly to help their livestock in case of emergencies.

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