This Amazing Interactive Map of the Universe Takes You All the Way Back to the Big Bang

An astronomy professor from Johns Hopkins University has given us the chance to zoom way out in both time and space with an interactive map of the observable universe.

“In this map, we are just a speck at the very bottom, just one pixel. And when I say we, I mean our galaxy, the Milky Way which has billions of stars and planets,” said map creator Brice Ménard. “We are used to seeing astronomical pictures showing one galaxy here, one galaxy there or perhaps a group of galaxies. But what this map shows is a very, very different scale.”

The map depicts the position of 200,000 galaxies, using different colors to show how far away they are and how long it has taken for their light to reach telescopes on Earth. Specifically, a telescope at Apache Point Observatory in New Mexico, where the Sloan Digital Sky Survey recorded data from various segments of the night sky since 2000.

The full map, the website explains, is a sphere, but it’s not possible to show all of its data in a two-dimensional representation. The online map shows a slice of the sphere that’s about 10 degrees wide.

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