These Gloves Can Teach You to Play the Piano

Georgia Tech researchers Thad Starner and Caitlyn Seim have developed a pair of gloves for playing piano that can magically get you up to speed in just an hour

They’ve also taught blind people to read braille in four hours, a process that usually takes up to four months. The gloves work through a process called passive haptic learning, and is another great discovery from Georgia Tech researchers.

Basically, they vibrate in ways that stimulate the correct movement in the user’s hands. While the applications have been impressive so far, Thad and Caitlyn believe we’re just scratching the surface. Most recently, they’re exploring how the gloves can be used to restore movement in people that have suffered traumatic brain injuries. And the results are very promising.

As one of the first people to use a wearable computer, Thad Starner has been a pioneer in wearable technology for decades.

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