There’s Now an Algorithm to Help Workers Avoid Losing Their Jobs to an Algorithm

There’s a new way to tell how likely your job is to be taken over by robots or AI, and what job to shift to if you are at risk.

There have been plenty of studies aimed at predicting which jobs are most at risk from AI and robotics, but now Swiss researchers have gone a step further. In addition to ranking the jobs most at risk of automation, they have also devised a method for at-risk workers to identify jobs less likely to be automated that are already a good fit for their existing skills.

“The key challenge for society today is how to become resilient against automation,” study co-lead Rafael Lalive, from the University of Lausanne, said in a press release. “Our work provides detailed career advice for workers who face high risks of automation, which allows them to take on more secure jobs while re-using many of the skills acquired on the old job.”

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