The Workplace of 2030

The workplace environment of tomorrow will look nothing like that of today. Due to rapid advances in technology and AI-augmentation of virtually all processes imaginable, our world is bound to go fully digital

In this new, highly dynamic ecosystem, humans will require new skills, abilities and mindsets in order to fulfill jobs that we cannot even begin to forecast. Though we might not be able to anticipate the future in exact terms, evidence strongly suggests that our society is tending toward full mergence with the machine. This means that we have the ability to make predictions as to what industries we can expect to rise and boom in the future, as well as which sectors will be wiped out completely.

According to IDC, global data storage will soar from 33 zettabytes to an astounding 175 zettabytes by 2025 (a 61% increase in the world’s data pool). Furthermore, firms are correct to believe that Big Data will become an essential component to the acceleration and enhancement of future enterprise operations. A survey conducted by Modis shows that 97% of companies believe data can be leveraged in the future to help optimize various business units.

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