The Wandering Earth

Based on a novella by Liu Cixin, The Wandering Earth, China’s second highest-grossing film of all time, tells the story of a time in the not too distant future when our sun has begun the process of dying, and it’s terminal expansion threatens to extinguish all life on Earth.

As a solution, the United Earth Government (UEG) has commissioned ten thousand “earth engines” designed to propel our planet out of the solar system to the nearest inhabitable system, a massive undertaking that will take 2,500 years to complete. However, before our happily ever after, there are some obstacles to clear, and this film takes place seventeen years after the initial plan is put into place when the first such obstacle threatens to derail the whole proposition.

As the Earth makes its way out of its natural orbit and toward the edge of the solar system, it must first pass through the massive gravitational field of Jupiter, which proves to be a bigger problem than anyone had expected. The only way the Earth will succeed is through the combined efforts of the teams keeping the literal flames alight on the home world and the navigational space station team attempting to guide three and a half billion people to safety. It’s not an easy job, but then again, the assembled team is not your average group.

The Wandering Earth is a marvel of imagination, inspiration, execution, and excitement. With a cast led by new age Chinese superstar Wu Jing (Wolf Warrior 2), the film tells the parallel tales of redemption both on Earth and in the navigation space station with due attention paid to both.

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