The Unlikeliest Success Story in Action Cinema

To many, movies are a distraction, just a way to pass the time. To Nabwana, Hofmanis, and their army of volunteers back in Uganda, they are life.

When Hofmanis was shown the trailer for Nabwana’s action bonanza, Who Killed Captain Alex a little over a decade ago, it sparked something in him that he needed at that moment. Fresh off a broken engagement and looking for a reason to keep moving in any direction, he dropped everything and flew to Uganda to find the mastermind behind this explosion of action movie joy and get involved. He landed in Kampala, and within a few days was ushered into the whirlwind filmmaking collective of Wakaliwood, a no budget wonderland where imagination in king, and no ideas are too big to come true, all with a budget around $200.

Once Upon a Time in Uganda follows Nabwana and Hofmanis, along with their ride or die compatriots, as they attempt to do something no one except themselves ever though possible: make Wakaliwood a player in global action film. Czubek and her team join the crew somewhere between Hofmanis’ installation as a key ingredient in the productions in 2012 and their big breakthrough in 2018, giving the audience the ability to go on this wild ride with everyone.

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