The Universe Can Bend the Laws of Physics All By Itself, Scientists Say

A new theory suggests that the universe perpetuates itself by constantly adapting its own physical laws over time.

An autodidact is someone who has learned a subject without a teacher or formal education. Famous examples of these self-taught maestros include Leonardo Da Vinci, master of 16 languages; Kató Lomb, a prolific Hungarian interpreter that knew at least 17 languages; and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Now, there may be a new entry on that list: the great cosmos. The universe could be constantly teaching itself how to evolve into a more stable state, according to new research that was recently published to the pre-print server arXiV (meaning the work has not yet been peer-reviewed).

The paper—authored by researchers at Microsoft and scientists at Brown University, among others—explains that all of the laws of physics we can see or measure today are laws that have worked themselves out over time. If we want to grasp how these laws of physics evolved, they say, we ought to apply Darwinian natural selection to cosmology.

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