The Trends That Shaped a Decade of Domestic Life

From high-tech to hygge, our homes changed at top speed in the 2010s — what will the 2020s bring?

When families gather to celebrate the old year and look forward to the new, the home becomes far more than what Le Corbusier, the Swiss-French modernist architect, called a “machine for living”. As an anxious decade ends with the world in political turmoil, our homes comfort us. They are reflections of ourselves in their size and shape, how they are furnished and the devices they contain. Their evolution is a census of the decade.

We may have barely noticed, but homes have changed in three significant ways in the past 10 years, driven by forces beyond our physical boundaries. Some houses have grown larger, with basements and extensions added to 19th-century structures. Others have become softer, with wood-burning stoves, candles and throws offering a cocoon effect for tense occupants. Still others have been filled with more technology, the kinds of objects of which Le Corbusier might have approved.

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