The Sustainable Web Manifesto

The Sustainable Web Manifesto is a collaborative project inspired by the simplicity of Edwin Datschefski’s principles of sustainable design – cyclic, solar, safe, efficient and social.

Contributors include, Andrew Boardman of Manoverboard, Mike Gifford of OpenConcept, Tim Frick of Mightybytes, Jack Amend of Web Neutral Project, Matt Hocking of Leap, René Post of The Green Web Foundation, Chris Adams of Product Science, James Christie of Sustainable UX , Pete Markiewicz, and Wholegrain Digital.

The manifesto website allows you to add your name as a signatory to declare your commitment to creating a sustainable internet. It doesn’t mean that you will be perfect – nobody’s perfect. But it sets your intention in trying to follow the principles of the manifesto in your work and to help move our industry in the right direction. If you haven’t already signed it, you can sign it here.

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