The Studio Making a Lovecraft Cinematic Universe

Buoyed by critical reception to Color out of Space, producers SpectreVision have announced their intent to continue on with other new versions of Lovecraft’s books

Specifically, Dan Noah has stated that The Dunwich Horror (in which family, as it so often in Lovecraft’s works, is a Problem) is next on their production slate. (Dean Stockwell starred in the version produced by Roger Corman in 1970.) Richard Stanley (director of Color Out Of Space) is thoroughly on board, as well; he’s previously expressed his desire to see the story’s Whately family on screen, “as a kind of proper backwoods degenerate, Great God Pan crossed with The Texas Chainsaw family.” Fun!

“Lovecraft is possibly the most adapted horror author ever,” Noah noted. “But there’s really never been a totally faithful adaptation of any of his works. I think there are a few that are sort of close. Stuart Gordon’s films are wonderful, but they are more Stuart Gordon than they are Lovecraft. We had been hellbent on finding the Lovecraft adaptation that truly captured cosmic dread without the camp.”

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