The Phenomenon

James Fox’s new documentary The Phenomenon, offers a historical inquiry into UFOs.

Centering on more credible witnesses, such as military observers, Fox documents how UFOs are not something new. He examines the so-called “Foo Fighter” wave of UFOs that were seen by American pilots over Europe and the Asia-Pacific during World War II. Fox also studies the heavy occurrence of UFOs in and around nuclear sites. The correlation of UFO reports and the development of the atomic bomb is seen by some analysts as a critical point of note. Again, Fox breaks news here, getting former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on the record as saying that UFOs have, on occasion, even interfered with U.S. nuclear weapons systems (note that the U.S. Navy’s aircraft carriers are nuclear-powered). This nuclear interference has been previously — and extensively — reported by Robert Hastings. However, to have Reid, who was instrumental in the forming of the Pentagon’s 2009-2017 UFO program, corroborate that reporting is important for its political salience. On that point, we should note that Sen. Marco Rubio, current Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, is now demanding a new Pentagon report on UFOs.

Fox’s documentary is bold but necessarily grounded. The vast majority of witnesses he references either come from military backgrounds, have held high security clearance positions in government, or the defense sector. For example, Fox carefully documents the strange case of Lonnie Zamora, a police officer who in 1964 said he’d stumbled upon a UFO in the New Mexico desert. Zamora’s case was special in that it involved a credible witness and left physical trace evidence.

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