The New GPT-4 AI Gets Top Marks in Law, Medical Exams, OpenAI Claims

The successor to GPT-3 could get into top universities without having trained on the exams, according to OpenAI.

In an announcement on Tuesday, OpenAI claimed that GPT-4 scored in the 90th or higher percentiles for the bar exam, the verbal GRE, and the reading and writing portions of the SAT—without specifically training the model for these tests. This means that an automated system took these exams without “studying,” and was able to score higher than the majority of humans.

According to the company, it could score a 1410 on the SAT, pass the Bar and GREs, and scored all fours and fives on AP Art History, Biology, Calculus BC, and Chemistry exams—high enough to get college credit.

It also, somewhat randomly, did very well on sommelier tests. GPT-4 may have a future in writing the descriptions on the backs of wine bottles.

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