The Music Tagging AI

Musiio, a music technology start-up using AI to automatically identify and tag songs, has released a free web demo, letting you try out their technology on your own music

The company was created to find a solution to one of the greatest problems currently facing the music industry: that of music discovery.

Right now, record labels, streaming services, production music libraries and plain old listeners are struggling to make sense of the vast quantity of new music being created. Every day, for example, around 40,000 new tracks are uploaded to Spotify’s database of over 40 million songs.

To listen to one day’s worth of uploads would take a person 83 days solid. For Musiio’s AI, the same task takes only 4 hours.

The idea is that correct tagging of music, will make playlisting and music discovery easier for talent scouts, music libraries and streaming services. And ultimately, that should help great artists be heard through the noise.

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