The Meta Powers of Comic Books

Invincible to the rescue! The one and only true comic book hero is here, there and everywhere! But this is no normal caped crusader. He has the power to traverse time, space… and page, a power he uses to foil the devious plans of evildoers the world over!

“Invincible” is a superhero book. The title character has a yellow costume, a black mask, and a small cape. He fights crime and helps people in his small French town. He has a friend on the police force, and regularly interacts with the mayor, who’s very much a self-interested politician type.

His costume includes his own icon, which are first looks a little like a crossword puzzle grid until you realize it’s a comic book page layout.

Invincible, after all, has the power to jump between panels.

Invincible’s power is the ability to use the comic book form to his advantage.

He can move between panels, or pass objects to other panels.

Comics fans who’ve read any kind of “How to Read Comics” book recognize that the gutter area between panels represents the passage of time. This book is the manifestation of what would happen in comic book storytelling if someone broke through time’s fourth wall.

It’s like playing Chutes and Ladders with story telling on a comic book page.

And it works.

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